Fan Mail – a letter of thanks

We were excited to receive what we like to call “Fan Mail” the other day. SEA partners with many great organizations in order to serve youth in King County who are looking to further their education. This letter shows how agencies are working together to meet students’ need.

Dear Polly—

This letter expresses my appreciation for your support of Catalyst youths and SEA’s services. Since I started my role as an education counselor for homeless youths, ages 18-24, last April, SEA has helped a half-dozen [YouthCare] Catalyst residents in important and meaningful ways.

One young man was ultimately able to enroll in Seattle Central Community College specifically because SEA partnered with YouthCare to pay his outstanding fees at a college he’d previously attended in another state. This allowed him to obtain the transcripts he needed to continue higher education. Another immigrant youth from Africa struggled to find a program that would meet both her basic academic skills and English as a Second language needs. You helped the youth and I identify and “sort” through options and develop realistic goals; this youth was recently accepted into Job Corps at a site in Eastern Washington. Another youth regularly accessed SEA computers when those at the Catalyst/Straley House were not available to him.

At present, two youths are benefiting from tutoring services at SEA. One of these youths is progressing as the result of tutoring support in math; she recently requested similar tutoring support for a Humanities class she’s taking. The second youth was able to “jump” right into tutoring during your drop-in hours for help with preparing for her college entrance exams.

Even though I provide direct education support for Catalyst residents, I cannot always meet their needs alone. I feel like I have a true partner in SEA and only hope you and your awesome staff can continue providing services during these tough economic times. To me, SEA is among the brightest spots in the U-District!

My heartfelt thanks for your contributions to our community.


Susan Hawke, M.Ed.
February 10, 2011

Thank you Susan. You, and YouthCare, are a bright spot for us as well!

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