Looking for Doers and Helpers

We have some open volunteer positions at SEA – and we’re looking for doers and helpers.

Do you have a knack for finding great resources? Do you like researching?

Join the Resources & Outreach Committee — this is a group of volunteers and former students who will work together to find resources for our students who need a little extra support. There are three ways to participate: Join in on committee strategy sessions then research opportunities from  home to gather a broad variety of practical resources regarding scholarships, advocacy, housing, medical services and more. You can also volunteer in the SEA Student Resource Center center anytime on Monday-Friday, 12pm-3pm to assist students with finding resources, applying for scholarships, filling out paperwork/applications, creating a resume, connect to resources and other details that address a broad spectrum of barriers to higher education success. You can also provide mentorship to a specific student. Our students often need non-academic support, such as: finding an apartment, looking for a job, finding child care, getting their birth certificate or drivers license, and cheering them on as the work towards graduation. Read the full description.

Do you know how to fix or refurbish computers?

Seattle Education Access accepts donation of used computers then utilizes volunteers refurbish computers that we then award to students through our scholarship program. We are looking for a few dedicated volunteers who will refurbish computers, install software and troubleshoot problems.

Do you want to be a champion for education rights?

The Advocacy Committee of Seattle Education Access promotes college access and success for low income and marginalized communities through system change on the local, state, and federal levels. Annually we host a voter registration drive and a Lobby Day so that our students can meet with lawmakers in Olympia. We have volunteer opportunities ranging from small (e.g. emailing your elected officials) to large (coordinating a campaign). Low income college students are particularly invited join our committee and provide leadership around choosing which campaigns are most important to them. Some examples of past campaigns include support for the Dream Act, a public awareness campaign about how to get a Dependency Status Override, and support for the Washington State Need Grant. Upcoming campaigns include supporting Seattle’s education levy, opposing cuts to the Pell Grant program nationally, and a public awareness campaign about the dangers of for-profit colleges. We are looking for volunteers who care about grassroots politics and have good organizational and communication skills.

Do you like talking to people, making connections and strategizing?

Then the Development or Benefit Breakfast committees might be right for you.

The Development Committee oversees the fundraising and marketing activities ensuring the agency’s ability to meet goals and execute its mission. Some of the committee priorities in the next year will be to increase individual fundraising, create a targeted approach to raising scholarship funds, increasing the amount raised at the annual benefit event and improve agency marketing and communications. We are especially seeking individuals with background in: alumni fundraising, marketing and communications, sales/relationship building.

The Benefit Breakfast Committee produces the benefit event through recruiting table captains and sponsors, and taking care of a lot the hands on work such as event material production, planning the stage program and overseeing some of the logistics.

If you have questions or are interested in any of these positions contact Polly Trout at polly@seattleedcuationaccess.org, or call us at 206 523-6200.

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