Volunteer Profile: Charlie

Volunteer Spotlight: CharlieCharlie is a graduate student at University of Washington, studying Science Education. She volunteers as a board member and Chair of the Resource and Outreach Community in SEA.

Charlie has a long history with SEA. She was once being a homeless and received care from SEA in 2003. SEA taught Charlie how to apply for college and meanwhile she also helped them with some daily work until she received scholarship in Evergreen State College and left Seattle.

Charlie worked full time for two years after receiving undergraduate degree and then came back to Seattle in 2009. She joined SEA again as a volunteer and now helps to build the resource center.

After 8 years’ association with SEA, Charlie really appreciates the benefit from this experience. “SEA is creating a community, where you can understand how hard it is for some kids to go to school yet how hard they desire for it. The community is there for social justice and education,” she said.  As the only student board member in the organization, Charlie is passionate to make better connections with the students in need and let their voice to be heard.

Check out our blog post ‘Looking for Doers and Helpers‘ to learn more about volunteering at SEA.

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