Volunteer Profile: Kathleen

Volunteer Kathleen LynchBefore becoming a volunteer with SEA, Kathleen was a professor working in a Seattle community college. In 2008, she had an incurable disease called multiple sclerosis, which made her difficult to see, walk and think. Kathleen had to retire from the college earlier than expected and stayed at home.

Kathleen was not receiving any treatment at that time and suffered a lot from the illness. But one day, she decided not to just sit there and feel sorry for herself. She found that SEA need volunteer tutors and joined in the organization.

Since 2008, Kathleen’s been tutoring and preparing students for the SAT and COMPASS tests and later joined the Scholarship Review Committee. She also volunteers helping other MS patients, but her experience with SEA gives her the most inspiration.

Kathleen told us, “The students in SEA are incredible. They have so many difficulties in life but still dreaming of going to school. They inspired me a lot, and they make me feel that I still have something to offer.”

Learn more about volunteering at SEA.

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