The Graduation Party

This morning I got a call (before I had any coffee) from a student that I’ve known since 2007, but whom I hadn’t heard from in a couple of months. I braced myself for bad news and asked her how she’s doing. “It’s sunny out, summer is about to start, and I am graduating in two weeks; life is awesome! I’m more excited about where I am at than I have ever been”, she said. She went on to tell me how much she loves her new job. “It feels good to be making real money for the first time in my life, but actually people see me as a leader now at my job, and that just blows my mind.”  It ended up being a no coffee kind of day.
This past weekend SEA celebrated with our students the successes they have had in their academic and personal lives over the past year. I couldn’t help feel especially proud of the four students who put on the entire event (Diamonique, Emily, Gofran & Ruzielle) who also comprise our Student Advisory Board. They, like so many SEA students, are becoming our leaders and our teachers. They encouraged other students to reflect, share and be proud of what they have accomplished. If you weren’t able to make it to the event, I invite you to share your successes this year below!

– Anthon Smith, Executive Director

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