Meet Our Student: Tyiesha

Tyiesha is enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant program at South Seattle Community College. She plans to become a registered nurse, then an OB/GYN.

I dropped out of high school and moved away from home at an early age. Though my parents were divorced they always made sure I had shoes on my feet, clothes on my back, and food in my belly. At age 15, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. At the same time my relationship with my parents got a little bumpy and I moved out.

I decided I wanted to change my life for the better and to get away from negative people. Once that happened, blessings started coming into my life. I had a son and he brought my family together. Now they support me and know how to uplift me. That is keeping me motivated. Now that I’ve changed and grown, I really want to succeed for myself and my family.

I have always loved helping people and making them smile. People at my former job kept telling me they could see me becoming a nurse or a counselor. The light bulb went on when a colleague told me “I know you want to become a nurse – well you should do it! You need something long term to do for your son.” I decided I was tired of working minimum wage jobs and was going to make something of myself even if I had to go to school for the rest of my life.

Renton Youth Source connected me with Jeff Corey and Seattle Education Access. If I hadn’t had Jeff and SEA’s program linking me to school, I don’t think I would have gone back to school.  I was so nervous. At one point I wanted to give up, but Jeff helped me with whatever I needed. It’s awesome to have people there to help you.

I enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at South Seattle Community College. Working with a different group of people was a cool experience. I worked with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and ages. The CNA program it opened my eyes to how many people need help. I want people to feel comfortable and feel good. I decided I wanted to keep going to nursing school and then become and OB/GYN with my own practice.

Right now I’m progressing with my GED. I have one more test to go – the math test. I knew nothing about math when I started. Now I’m studying for that and getting motivated. Next I plan to go through the Licensed Nurse Practitioner program (LPN) and then go to the Registered Nursing (RN) program. I plan to go to a 4-year university then onto medical school. It’s inspiring to know that my little hands could bring someone back to health or save a life. I want to help bring life into this world.

It was a bumpy road, but now I know what to do. I’ve learned how to be professional. That has carried me a long way. From where I started to where I am now, my confidence is at an all time high. I want to be successful: to make my parents proud and especially to make my son proud.

When things get stressful, it’s great to have people around me who want me to do well. My little brother is in high school now and he’s saying: “You’re inspiring me. I want to be like you.” I want to be that inspiration and am proud I can be that for my family today. 

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