“Asmaa has strengthened my determination”

“Growing up in a Mandinka society, my parents were always motivating me just to mFatou2ake sure I pursue a better education, not just getting a master’s degree but also a PhD. My parents never got the opportunity to sit in a college environment, which was why they encouraged me to be better than them. My family always motivated me and made me have this belief that in order to be successful in this life, you need to set high standards for yourself.

At a very young age, I was lucky enough to see life differently from the way it was viewed by some of my childhood friends. Living thousand miles away from my family was very tough for me, especially so young. I was forced to learn how to deal with moving away from the people I cherish so much and the only people that have been there for me since I was born, and adopt a new way of living my life without them.

My trip to the United States changed my life from a young innocent child to the lady I am today. From being a dropout, I had an opportunity to join the Career Education Options (CEO) program, which is mainly for high school dropouts. I was lucky enough to meet with social worker from King County who introduced me to Asmaa.

Asmaa has strengthened my determination and l really appreciate her effort and commitment towards me. Being part of the SEA program has marked a turning point in my life. They provide me with all the necessary tools I need to accomplish my goals. Asmaa also helped connect me with a mentor who will help me further my career and improve my French.”


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