“She is the most wonderful and powerful person I could have in my journey.”

“When I was little, my grandmother told me that ‘after the storm, comes peace,’ and I agree with her because no matter the difficulties I have encountered in my life, I have achieved many of my dreams.

Everything was new for me when I came to the United States such as the language, the people, and the culture, but these changes never stopped me from wanting to continue my education. In 2013, I started in the ESL program at Bellevue College. It wasn’t easy because my English was not very good. I only felt comfortable speaking those magic words, “please” and “thank you.” However, on 2015 I met Alex, an SEA Education Advocate. He helped me through my educational journey, applying for scholarships, signing up for classes, editing essays, and finding the right funding sources. At that time, I was facing financial issues because I didn’t have money to pay for my studies, but, with the help of Alex, I applied and I won a full-tuition scholarship.

In 2016, Alex moved away, but introduced me to Asmaa Ahmed, a new Education Advocate at SEA. She is the most wonderful and powerful person I could have in my journey. She helped me to apply for financial support through SEA to cover some basic needs. Also, she has helped me with research projects, assignments, and finding mentors. In general, she has helped me with everything you could think a student needs for growing and achieving their dreams.

I want to encourage all students to continue their studies and to persevere. No matter what storms you encounter, no matter where you come from, your language or your culture, there will always be people who are willing to help. If you keep trying, you can find the resources you need to succeed. As my grandmother always said, there is peace after the storm. I have been working hard to find that peace. And I have learned that if you keep trying, you will get through the storms, and you will find your dreams waiting for you on the other side.”

– Sashia

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