“I am very passionate, and never give up. No matter what!”

My name is Anitta Mejia and I am a full-time student at South Seattle College working to get my AAS degree in Culinary.

I also work full-time at a seafood restaurant and own my own catering business. I am a passionate and dedicated hard worker that is not only into cooking, but is also passionate about striving for more in my life. I graduated Student of the Year, from Career Link High School in 2015 and made it into college.

I was married at a young age, but recently divorced this year. Going through my separation, only made me stronger and wiser as a person and a student, and helped me become the dedicated passionate cook that I am. I did not give up or stop going to school through my separation, I simply just pushed myself to do better and keep getting through school with the support and motivation of all my college professors on campus. Going through the process of divorce, my family unfortunately was not very supportive, but I had others to help get me through.

My family always said I will not make it in life, but being the young independent woman I’ve grown up to be, have learned to leave all the hate in the past and welcome them with open arms when they are ready to do so. I am proud of how far I’ve gotten in life today without them, and I stand proud before the eyes of my professors and SEA Education Advocate, who have stood by my side in the long run and have seen all the hard work and dedication I put into my career and person life goals.

South Seattle College has been life changing for me. I am the first to have graduated high school on time and also the first in my family to have attended college. I have been very active in multiple events on campus and off campus as well. I own my own catering business outside of work and school. I am very passionate about what I do and never give up, no matter what. My big life goal is to hopefully own my own Mexican restaurant soon after I graduate from college. Life has been a struggle for me, but everyday I must push myself to do better for me because in the end, it will all have been worth it. My daily quote I tell myself everyday is “make today so great, that tomorrow gets jealous!”

I hope my story inspires others. It takes self-motivation and to want to do better for yourself. If I’ve learned anything, is with struggles, come huge success! And also positive thoughts bring positive outcomes!

-Anitta Mejia


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