“Having an Education Advocate made the whole process 1,000 times easier.”

SEA student Margarita is studying to be a nurse and receives support through SEA’s Mody Scholarship Fund, started by Simmone & Ashok Misra

My name is Margarita and I am 24 years old. This is my second year attending Renton Technical College and I am currently working on my pre-nursing classes, in order to get into a nursing program. My ultimate goal is and has always been to become a nurse. My father has had some health issues and I want to be more knowledgeable about medicine in order to better understand his experiences in the hospital or when he gets sick – and I want job stability.

Last year was my first year back in the educational world since leaving high school. If anyone ever asked me why that 5-year delay, I have to attribute it to two main reasons: the first one, money and the second, the fact that in my family I am the first generation to attend higher level education.

That combination can seriously intimidate anyone from pursuing their dreams, especially without having anyone to guide them or share knowledge about a world that is known very little of. My sister, who graduated from Renton Technical College, worked with SEA Education Advocate Jeff and suggested I ask for assistance with financial aid. When I found out about Seattle Education Access and all the services it offered, it gave me that boost I needed to return to school. Having an Education Advocate made the whole process 1,000 times easier.

I remember the exact moment I walked into Nicollette’s office and basically said “I’m ready to go back to school!” Her next words were even better, “Okay. Where do you want to go?” That question made me smile and assured me of so much. She let me know that if I ever had questions about anything, she was there to help. Ever since I met her, she hasn’t let me down!

Last year, I was super fortunate to receive a scholarship award through SEA’s Mody Fund and it was a tremendous help! Fall quarter, I was able to use my funds to pay for the portion of the tuition that my financial aid wasn’t able to cover. This was the best way to start of the year. I was able to focus on my studies and not worry about how I was going to pay my tuition or supplies. Winter quarter, I again was awarded more money and in the long run it helped tremendously. At the end of Spring quarter, I was left in debt, due to a few errors made by the financial aid office. Mind you, a much smaller debt because of the huge help SEA has been! But to be honest if it wasn’t for all the help SEA has given me, the pure thought of going back to school wouldn’t been possible.

Last year’s SEA scholarship helped me come back to school and stay in school. These funds have given me the opportunity to focus more on my studies than on how to pay for them. This year, it means the same and more. When I last left school I had a debt, a huge one for me. I didn’t know how I would be able to pay it off. Nicollette and I were able to work on a plan that gave me more peace at mind. This plan proved to be successful as I am now back enrolled in classes without a financial burden.

At this very moment, I am more than ready and inspired to work harder to accomplish my goal of becoming a nurse! This scholarship has given me that last boost I needed to hit the floor running and continue to work towards a dream my younger self created and all thanks to Seattle Education Access and The Mody Fund!



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The Mody Fund – Simmone & Ashok Misra

In 2015, Simmone and Ashok Misra were looking for a chance to offer financial support to women who were facing barriers to pursing their education. On the recommendation of a friend, they contacted Seattle Education Access to see if they could support women of color with scholarship funds. Of SEA’s 800+ students, 55% are women and 77% are people of color; we knew many women served by SEA could use their support.

In October of that year, Simmone and Ashok established the Anil K. Mody Scholarship Fund, named in honor of Simmone’s father, to provide college scholarships to women of color enrolled in SEA’s programs in King County.

Dr. Anil K. Mody was a private individual who believed in the transformative power of education. He grew up at the time when conditions in his home country of India were not conducive for higher education, so he lived in Germany for 8 years to pursue a PhD in chemistry from the University of Stuttgart, followed by some work experience at German pharmaceutical companies.

It was always Dr. Mody’s desire to return to India after his higher education and to contribute to society in his home country. India was a developing country at that time, having just recently obtained her independence from British colonial rule. In fact, he did return after his PhD and he set up the first manufacturing facility for industrial strength adhesives in India. Unfortunately, Dr. Mody passed away at the very young age of 42, and was survived by his wife and two daughters. With the loss of the main earning member of the hous-ehold, the family faced some difficult times.

However, he had the foresight to invest in an education fund for his daughters and, thanks to the investment her parents had made, Simmone was able to complete her higher education. This was truly transformative for Simmone. Notwithstanding the difficult circumstances, she was liberated by the education she was able to pursue, so Simmone thought it was fitting to create this scholarship in the name of her father.

Now two years in, The Anil K. Mody Fund has now supported 12 women in their studies, including Margarita. Funds have covered books, childcare, tuition, and transportation for women looking to go into law and policy, nursing, education, medical office administration, business, marketing, computer networking, and international relations.

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Part-Time Student, Full-Time Homeless


The backpack Michael carries to campus is full of books and notebooks, things college students usually carry. It also often contains toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, soap, extra clothes — things most students would leave at home.

But this 19-year-old doesn’t have a home…Keep reading and see the video at https://kcts9.org/programs/spark-public/part-time-student-full-time-homeless-in-college

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“I would have never been able to come this far.”

“It was summer of 2016 and I had been unemployed for a few months Sang-Won2with the hope of getting into college. It had been a dream of mine ever since I graduated from high school several years ago. However, I was struggling with how to enroll in college, what to do with the financial aid application process and I was in fear of running out of my savings. I just moved back from Japan in 2015, and even though I was born and lived in the U.S. in my early childhood, everything was new and exciting but at the same time foreign and sometimes frustrating to me.

Then I found Seattle Education Access online. I was in desperate need of help for all the application processes and with academic preparation, so I reached out to the SEA by myself. I was introduced to my Education Advocate, Penny. Even though it was right before the start of fall quarter, Penny was able to help me with finishing class registration and financial aid applications, and I was able to get into college classes in a timely manner. She really helped me feel comfortable on the college campus. Penny connected me to Drew, an SEA tutor, who was a great help in preparing for placement tests. I assumed I would be placed into developmental classes, but, unexpectedly, I did well on the tests and was placed right into college-level classes.

I have greatly relied on their continued support throughout the following quarters, even extending beyond academic affairs. Penny has been a huge support for resources in and outside school; she has helped me apply for and earn scholarships, get health care, go through the complicated paperwork at school, and so on. To be honest, studying at college has been difficult for me with my limited English ability and my long break after graduating high school. Although thanks to Drew’s tutoring help, I have been able to hang on to the fast-paced college course load. I even earned a 3.5 GPA in my first quarter of college.

Without them, I would have never been able to come this far. I am looking forward to continuing my studies and transferring onto a 4-year college. I am still deciding what my major would be, but I want to complete a Bachelor’s degree and eventually gain more English, academic and employable skills.  My dream is to use my bilingual ability to work in a global setting. I thank you for your continuous support and investment to my success through Seattle Education Access.”

– Sang-Won

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“Asmaa has strengthened my determination”

“Growing up in a Mandinka society, my parents were always motivating me just to mFatou2ake sure I pursue a better education, not just getting a master’s degree but also a PhD. My parents never got the opportunity to sit in a college environment, which was why they encouraged me to be better than them. My family always motivated me and made me have this belief that in order to be successful in this life, you need to set high standards for yourself.

At a very young age, I was lucky enough to see life differently from the way it was viewed by some of my childhood friends. Living thousand miles away from my family was very tough for me, especially so young. I was forced to learn how to deal with moving away from the people I cherish so much and the only people that have been there for me since I was born, and adopt a new way of living my life without them.

My trip to the United States changed my life from a young innocent child to the lady I am today. From being a dropout, I had an opportunity to join the Career Education Options (CEO) program, which is mainly for high school dropouts. I was lucky enough to meet with social worker from King County who introduced me to Asmaa.

Asmaa has strengthened my determination and l really appreciate her effort and commitment towards me. Being part of the SEA program has marked a turning point in my life. They provide me with all the necessary tools I need to accomplish my goals. Asmaa also helped connect me with a mentor who will help me further my career and improve my French.”


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“She is the most wonderful and powerful person I could have in my journey.”

“When I was little, my grandmother told me that ‘after the storm, comes peace,’ and I agree with her because no matter the difficulties I have encountered in my life, I have achieved many of my dreams.

Everything was new for me when I came to the United States such as the language, the people, and the culture, but these changes never stopped me from wanting to continue my education. In 2013, I started in the ESL program at Bellevue College. It wasn’t easy because my English was not very good. I only felt comfortable speaking those magic words, “please” and “thank you.” However, on 2015 I met Alex, an SEA Education Advocate. He helped me through my educational journey, applying for scholarships, signing up for classes, editing essays, and finding the right funding sources. At that time, I was facing financial issues because I didn’t have money to pay for my studies, but, with the help of Alex, I applied and I won a full-tuition scholarship.

In 2016, Alex moved away, but introduced me to Asmaa Ahmed, a new Education Advocate at SEA. She is the most wonderful and powerful person I could have in my journey. She helped me to apply for financial support through SEA to cover some basic needs. Also, she has helped me with research projects, assignments, and finding mentors. In general, she has helped me with everything you could think a student needs for growing and achieving their dreams.

I want to encourage all students to continue their studies and to persevere. No matter what storms you encounter, no matter where you come from, your language or your culture, there will always be people who are willing to help. If you keep trying, you can find the resources you need to succeed. As my grandmother always said, there is peace after the storm. I have been working hard to find that peace. And I have learned that if you keep trying, you will get through the storms, and you will find your dreams waiting for you on the other side.”

– Sashia

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“I am utmost grateful for the love and genuine kindness”

“Seattle Access Education has been a blessing to me in ways I cannot describe.

It is amazing how we meet people on our life’s journey who know nothing about us or where we come from or care about how we look or what color we have. Seattle Access Education has been that figure of deep kindness and help to me by assisting with my tuition and giving me wonderful Education Advocates, such as Asmaa and Alex.

I feel that an organization as this should be recognized worldwide for its great and heartfelt job they do and how they impact lives. I am utmost grateful for the love and genuine kindness received from this organization, and I want to use this platform to give a special thank Alex and Asmaa for being such great individuals with impeccable personalities to represent Seattle Access Education.”


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